Assembly Instructions

K1 Expedition

K1 1980-90 English
Zippered stern with built-in spray skirt

K1 1990-98 English
Length  15′ 10″ with fibreglass coaming, welded center cockpit frame, low bow

K1 FGC 1998-2005 English
Length 16′ 6″ with fibreglass coaming, upswept bow

Length 16′ 6″ with built-in coaming
K1 BIC 2005 – English
K1 BIC 2005 – German
K1_BIC 2005 – French

K2 Expedition

K2 1985-90 English
Length 19′ 3″ with zippered stern and built-in spray skirts

1990-2003   Length 19′ 3″ with fibreglass coamings
2003-2006 Length 20′ with fibreglass coamings, upswept bow
K2 1990-2006 English

2006-  Length 20′ with built-in coaming, upswept bow
K2 BIC English
K2 BIC German

K-Light/K-Light Plus

Length 12’10” with fibreglass coaming
KLight 1995-2001 English

Built-in Coaming  KLight BIC English 2008-
Built-in Coaming  KLight BIC German 2008-

– Link to You Tube for K-Light Assembly Video –




Fibreglass coaming  Khatsalano English 1995-2005

Built-in Coaming Khats BIC English 2006-
Built-in Coaming Khats BIC German 2006-

Kahuna + Big Kahuna

Fibreglass Coaming Kahuna English 2000-2005
Built-in Coaming Kahuna BIC English 2005-
Built-in Coaming Kahuna BIC German 2005-


Four crossribs 2005-2009
Wisper 4ribs English
Wisper 4ribs German

Six crossribs 2009-
Wisper-2009 English
Wisper-2009 German

Wisper XP, S or L

Wisper XP English
Wisper XP German


Fibreglass Coaming  Klondike 1998-2006 English

Built-in Coaming  Klondike BIC English 2006-
Built-in Coaming  Klondike BIC German 2006-

Java Airline Sit-on-Top

Java English
Java French

Gemini Airline Sit-on-Top

Gemini English

Jet Stream Airline Folding Surf Ski
discontinued 2013

Jet Stream English