BayLee 2
Length x Beam 2.2 m x 95 cm
Tube Diameter 29 cm
Pack Size 65 x 20 x 25 cm
Approx Pay Load 227 kg
BL2 LW 4.31 kg
BL2 LW DF 7.5 kg
BayLee 3
Length x Beam 2.6 x 1.1 m
Tube Diameter 29 cm
Pack Size 65 x 25 x 30 cm
Approx Pay Load 272 kg
BL3 LW 5.45 kg
BL3 LW DF 9.1 kg
BayLee 2
Length x Beam 7’3″ x 3’1″
Tube Diameter 11.4″
Pack Size 25.5 x 8 x 10″
Approx Pay Load 500 lb
BL2 LW 9.5 lb
BL2 LW DF 16.5 lb
BayLee 3
Length x Beam 8’6″ x 3’7″
Tube Diameter 11.4″
Pack Size 25.5 x 10 x 12″
Approx Pay Load 600 lb
BL3 LW 12lb
BL3 LW DF 20 lb


BL2 LW $2,200.00
BL2 LW Double Floor $3,130.00

BL3 LW $2,775.00
BL3 LW Double Floor $3,460.00
Includes: stuff sack, double action air pump, rowing frame, oars, skeg, repair kit.


Rod holder and mount, pair $85.00


Rowing BayLee

Feathercraft brings you a row boat that can carry two people and weighs under 10 lb (5 kg).

BayLee 2

BayLee 2 Row Boat with Two People

BayLee 2 Row Boat with Two People

The BayLee row boats are made of the highest quality, urethane-coated high-tenacity nylon. Urethane fabric is far tougher and has greater longevity than vinyl or PVC. Urethane is as robust as the heavy, hypalon inflatables, but is lighter in weight.

BayLee 3

BayLee 3 fits two comfortably - with a companion - or a third on a side tube

BayLee 3 fits two comfortably – with a companion – or a third on a side tube


Stow or Go

Each row boat stows away in its own roll-top bag and takes up almost no space at all. A double-action hand pump is included for a fast departure.

Quality close to home

Our fabric supplier is a highly specialized coating mill in eastern USA. They are the world leader in urethane-coated fabrics. Their quality can not be matched by overseas suppliers. The mill is located in a residential community and has zero emissions.
The nylon fabric base is a 210 denier (LW = Light Weight tube fabric). The fabric is made with multiple coats of urethane for air retention and abrasion resistance. The properties of a urethane coated fabric are comparable to a hypalon rubber, but with significant weight savings. Urethane is superior to PVC, as it will not become brittle and degrade over time.
The floor fabric is almost identical to the hull fabric used on our kayaks — an 840 denier urethane coated nylon. Tough and very abrasion resistant. This fabric has been well-proven on our kayaks, and tested in white water rivers and the beaches of the West Coast.

The best is closer than you think

Feathercraft, based in Vancouver, Canada, has been the industry leader in folding kayaks for 30 years. Our boats have been used on major expeditions around the world, from the Arctic to Antarctic, and all points in between. Over the years we have used and tested a wide variety of fabrics on our kayaks. Through the use of these fabrics we have developed special welding techniques.

Our new row boat is a result of our many journeys over many years. We use a combination of sewing, RF (radio frequency) welding and continuous-process hot-air welding. There is much hand work in making these boats. Because we do not use glue, our only by-product during manufacture is a little heat.

The floor fabric is similar to the hull fabric used on our kayaks — tough and very abrasion-resistant. The boat comes complete with an inflatable seat and back. Both are adjustable, depending on whether you are paddling or rowing. There are two positions for the rowing frame, if you are paddling solo or with a crew member. For safety, the boat has two separate air chambers. A hard skeg can be positioned forward or aft to ensure great tracking.

The double floor option on the BayLee 2 and 3 creates a rigid platform under foot, and increases rowing performance.