Skill level Intermediate
Inflation Time 6 min
Length x Beam 4.3 m x 66 cm
Payload 136 kg
Pack Size 79 x 40 x 28 cm
Weight 9 kg
Cockpit Size 75 x 46 cm
Skill level Intermediate
Inflation Time 6 min
Length x Beam 14’1″ x 26″
Payload 300 lb
Pack Size 31 x 16 x 11″
Weight 20 lb
Cockpit Size 29.5 x 18″


Includes: roll-top carrying bag with pack harness, light-weight, coated nylon spray skirt and sea sock, hard skeg, inflatable paddle float, inflatable seat back & bottom, deck rigging, double-action air pump, repair kit



This model has been discontinued for the foreseeable future. Great design – but too labour intensive to be economically produced at this time.

All Air. All Performance. All Feathercraft.

The Aironaut brings real paddling performance to the world of inflatables.

Length – 4.3m  (14’ 1”)   Beam – 66cm  (26”)
Cockpit – 75 x 48cm (29.5 x 18”)   Weight – 9 kg (20 lb)
Inflation Time – 6 min

Performance and Handling

For those familiar with our kayaks, paddling the Aironaut feels very similar to the Kahuna models for speed. If you stop paddling in heavy winds, that is when you’ll feel affected by the wind, as the boat sits higher in the water. The hard skeg attached to the keel helps enormously for tracking. When a paddler first sits in the Aironaut, there is an initial “twitchy” feel from the shaped keel line and a higher center of gravity. However, once forward motion begins, it glides smoothly and effortlessly, and has great secondary stability.

Due to the high side panels, simple re-entry over the stern, or pulling up at the cockpit is more difficult. We have made an inflatable paddle float and made this as standard equipment with every Aironaut. Self-rescue techniques should always be practiced first in calm water settings, so you feel confident should a capsize occur.

Design & Materials

Our unique design has curved side panels welded to a curved hull. This creates a shape with refined bow and stern ends. There is lots of room for paddler and gear, AND it is light and fast on the water. With no frame, assembly is only inflation time. You are on the water in no time.

A typical inflatable kayak, with a flat bottom, has two or more large, round air chambers on each side. This leaves little room for paddler, gear or paddling performance.

The Aironaut is constructed from high quality, technical fabrics, all made in the U.S. These fabrics have been carefully selected and combined to offer the best strength and durability, yet still offer a light weight kayak. Deck and side panels use a 210 denier urethane coated nylon. The hull is a 420 denier high tenacity urethane coated nylon. Urethane fabrics have a longer life, are of superior quality, and are lighter in weight than PVC. Urethane fabric is also puncture and abrasion resistant, but reasonable care needs to be taken where sharp objects are concerned. Field repairs are as simple as repairing a bike tube. As air pressure can change with temperature and altitude, each of the three air chambers has a pressure relief valve, releasing pressure over 5 pounds per square inch. Included gear – a sea sock for limiting water in the boat, and minimizing abrasion to the inside floor; a spray skirt; inflatable seat and seat back; removable thigh straps for bracing; a double action inflation pump; repair kit; carrying bag; an inflatable paddle float; and a detachable skeg. When the skeg is connected, the boat tracks straight. Without the skeg, the kayak turns on a dime and excels on rivers. Deck Colours – Red or Blue