Skill level Intermediate
Assembly Time 45 min
Length x Beam 6m x 84 cm
Payload 320+ kg
Pack Size 112 x 58 x 36 cm
Weight 39.5 kg
Cockpit Size 75 x 46 cm
Hatch Sizes Bow and stern 33 x 20 cm
Rudder Included
Skill level Intermediate
Assembly Time 45 min
Length x Beam 20′ x 33″
Payload 700 lbs +
Pack Size 50 x 25 x 14″
Weight 87 lbs
Cockpit Size 29.5 x 18″
Hatch Sizes Bow and stern 13 x 8″
Rudder Included


Includes: two double-coated nylon spray skirts and sea socks, duffel-style backpack with removable shoulder straps, nylon over-the-shoulder carrying bag, adjustable padded seats, perimeter deck-line and bow line, cross-deck rigging, large fin rudder, repair kit, assembly DVD.



Model has been discontinued due to declining sales over the years.


This high-volume double kayak is designed for maximum storage capacity, accommodating gear for a multi-week luxury camping trip. Bow and stern access hatches make it easy to stow and access your gear. An upswept bow allows for a drier ride for the bow paddler. The wide beam and internal air sponsons provide stability, especially in rough conditions. Padded sling-style seats are adjustable — the ultimate in kayaking comfort. Low-profile cockpit coamings allow you to use individual sea socks and spray skirts, yet won’t inhibit efficient paddling strokes. Standard with a rudder and pivot pedals for steering, the pivot pedals CAN NOT be added to older models with foot slings, as there is no rudder track on the stern frame.

The K2 packs can be stored in one bag, but for ease of handling, the frame packs in the duffel-style bag, and the skin fits in the simple nylon bag. For airline travel, it is necessary to split the load into the two bags.

112 x 58 x 36cm


Play to see K2 Expedition unpack, unfold and go!