Skill level Beginner to Intermediate
Assembly Time 25 min
Length x Beam 4.5 m x 63.5 cm
Payload 136 kg
Pack Size 92 x 50 x 25 cm
Weight 16 kg
Cockpit Size:
Kahuna 70 x 41 cm
Big Kahuna 75 x 46 cm
Optional Hatch Sizes:
Small bow 20 x 11 cm
Medium stern 33 x 20 cm
Large stern 40 x 30 cm
Rudder Optional
Skill level Beginner to Intermediate
Assembly Time 25 min
Length x Beam 14′ 9″ x 25″
Payload 300 lbs
Pack Size 36 x 20 x 10″
Weight 35 lbs
Cockpit Size:
Kahuna 27.5 x 16″
Big Kahuna 29.5 x 18″
Optional Hatch Sizes:
Small bow 8 x 4.5″
Medium stern 13 x 8″
Large stern 16 x 12″
Rudder Optional


Includes: travel-style backpack, adjustable padded seat, perimeter deck-lines and bow line, cross-deck rigging, nylon spray skirt and sea sock, repair kit, assembly DVD.


Small bow hatch $185.00
Medium stern hatch $200.00
Large stern hatch $215.00
Rudder $200.00
Combo neoprene/nylon skirt upgrade $45.00
Combo neoprene/double coated nylon skirt upgrade $90.00
Double coated nylon skirt upgrade $45.00
Double coated nylon sea sock upgrade $120.00
Pivot pedal upgrade $60.00
Deck reinforcement strip upgrade $375.00
Rolling rib $50.00


Link to You Tube for Assembly Video

The Kahuna models are playful and light weight. Being only 35 lbs, they accelerate quickly and are easy to handle. An upswept bow makes a fine water entry, and the defined keel allows the kayak to track well. A rudder is not necessary, but it is an available option. There is ample gear storage for multi-day trips. Optional hatches will simplify loading. The cockpit of the Big Kahuna is wider and longer, allowing for easier entry for a taller or larger paddler.

Of our “sit-in” kayaks, the Kahuna models are one of the simplest to assemble. With practice, assembly will take 20 minutes.

The Big Kahuna is exactly the same kayak as the Kahuna, but with a longer, slightly wider cockpit (75 x 46 cm / 29.5″x 18″). The cockpit opening accommodates the larger, taller paddler, or for those who just like more space for easier entry and exit.

How to decide which one is right for you? Kahuna or Big Kahuna? Our rule of thumb is the Big Kahuna is suited for a tall person (6 ft. +). The cockpit is longer and the bow crossrib that your legs go through is further forward. Also the Big Kahuna suits anyone needing extra width, or if you just like to have a roomier cockpit. The Kahuna, with the smaller cockpit, gives a snugger fit.

Depending on the intended use, the Kahuna models can be kept simple as is, or can be added on to with optional hatches, rudder, reinforcement deck strip, spray skirt or sea sock upgrade, or pivot pedal upgrade.