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“Wake up far too early. Need to find the Internet to check that all is ok at home. Going to see Feathercraft today. When I heard we were using their boats I have to admit I had a little worry. I tested them… hard: surfing and rockhopping and they performed really well. I was surprised, but the boats would be great. We had been invited to visit the factory. Another surprise. It wasn’t a huge boat-manufacturing machine that you fed in raw materials in one end and a finished product popped out the other. It was a workshop with real people; a skilled and dedicated workforce that cares about what they make, every boat made to order, painstakingly, one piece at a time.”  — Richard Cree, Arctic Voice

“Last year I bought the Wisper XP, and enjoy paddling in our high lakes in Peru. The quality and make of the boat is superb, the engineering a piece of art. I was a bit afraid of the assembling time but once you know how every piece falls and fits into the frame it’s all a piece of cake. You have a very happy customer in Peru! You have a great company making great boats. Nothing can beat ‘Excellence’. ”  — all the best E.vanBVega

“Your customer service on my seven year-old boat is exemplary. There are few companies that support their products the way you do. It’s a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks and have a great and successful rest of the summer.”  — J. Pines

“Thank you again for not only a unique and well-engineered boat, but also for the refreshing experience of dealing with people and a company who care about their product and their customers’ ultimate satisfaction.”  — R. Allen

“I received the kayak last week. I used it last weekend. I own fiberglass and plastic kayaks and this is by far superior in comfort. I recommend it for people that have lower back problems that still like to kayak. I used it for hours the first day and did not want to stop. My son finally convinced me to go home. Thanks.”  — V. Guerra

“I was in Vancouver a couple of years ago on business, and I rushed to your address on Granville Island looking for a sprayskirt when I managed to steal a break. Someone there was super helpful and dug one up for me with a smile. I ran off back to work, wishing I could have stayed to look around. It was nice to see where my boat had come from but, although the K-Light has lived up in full to my expectations, I have never been 100% comfortable with the amount of money it cost me at the time (euro taxes, etc. make it even pricier over here….). Your reaction suddenly made that disappear. My wife’s comment was, “next boat we buy will come from Feathercraft”. I’ll dream of a K2 perhaps?!” — P. Coelho

“We have a Feathercraft….and love it! We just did our tenth trip here in South America. We have flown it to Venezuela, it has been on every kind of transport imaginable. We’ve paddled in Brazil, the Orinoco delta and recently in the Amazon basin. The locals are blown away when they see it, and it’s a great conversation starter. It’s been one of the best ways to experience South America.”  — L.Simmonds

“I love my Kahuna. I am so happy I was patient and researched kayaks before buying one. I “discovered” Feathercraft towards the end of my search. I don’t have a garage, so storage was a problem. And I wanted to buy a quality product. Feathercraft solved both concerns. I love its portablility and I love the way it absorbs the waves. It makes you feel close to the water as well as part of it.”  — L. Schneider

“I wanted to thank you again for your prompt, attentive, and generous service. If all companies treated their customers the way Feathercraft does, it’d be a wonderful world!” — D. Kosofsky

“I picked up my new boat in Juneau. I took about an hour or more in putting it together the first time, and found the directions were great — very clear. Haven’t tried out the rudder yet — I wanted to see how it handles without, and did just fine in current and wind. Thank you so much for a wonderful kayak!”  — J. Richards

“I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I own a K1 Expedition single and have been paddling the Saigon River and all over the Mekong Delta Region. It is a well designed, engineered boat.”  — M. Valdez

“Thank you for a wonderful boat! I have recently become the owner of a marvelous craft – the best I have tried. and believe me, at our canoe club, we have tried a lot. My point is; you beat them all. I have never felt so comfortable, safe and above all, immensely happy than inside the sea sock of my Khatsalano. I can brace and scull much more easily in the Khats than in any other boat; rolling is a pleasure and above all: waves don’t toss me about like they used to do when I ventured out in my glassfibre boat. Again, thank you all.” — A. Helland

“Just wanted to drop you guys a line to say that the Gemini I purchased is awesome!!! I bought two 4-piece paddles and they fit very well into the duffle bag. There were no problems traveling with it to Indonesia (I was a little worried, but it was fine). We went down to SW Java, strapped our snorkeling gear to the kayak and took off for the day. Beautiful weather and water. I’ve already got plans to fly it with me to Bali in two weekends, then up to a bunch of islands north of Jakarta the following weekend…the sky’s not even the limit now;-)”  — B.Tillotson

“Just to let you know. 10 years with your K-Light and I am still in awe with the performance of this little wonder. I am a ships Captain and when in port I take advantage of the compactness by boarding local buses to take me up river or to the far side of the harbour and work my way back to the ship. Scale of vessels we are talking about. My ship 730′ x 75′ and 42,000 tons disp. your K-Light 12ft6in and 260 lbs all up. Your boat puts a big grin on all on-lookers when I pull up to my ship. Keep up the excellent work. All the best,” — Capt. Ed W.

“Before buying my kayak someone told me that Feathercraft is the best when it comes to standing behind their product and ongoing support and service. Guess they were right. Thanks again.”  — Lis

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