Skill level Intermediate
Assembly Time 20 min
Length x Beam 5.5 m x 76 cm
Payload 227 kg
Pack Size 90 x 50 x 23 cm
Kayak Weight 22 kg
Rudder Included
Skill level Intermediate
Assembly Time 20 min
Length x Beam 18′ x 30″
Payload 500 lb
Pack Size 35.5 x 19.5 x 9″
Kayak Weight 48 lb
Rudder Included


Includes: airline travel bag, 2 pairs of thigh straps, double action pump, large fin rudder, repair kit.


Substitute sand seats $0.00


Link to You Tube for Assembly Video



Model has been discontinued due to declining sales over the years.


This is a fast, light-weight and stable double with two comfy, high-backed seats. Both a rudder and skeg are standard features for great tracking and maneuverability. Gear bags fit on the bow and stern decks. Be creative in your packing. The combination of framework and air tubes makes the Gemini rigid. Assembly and inflation is simple. And it all fits into just one bag!

Sit-on-Top Construction—What’s it Made of?

Hull — Duratek. Our specially formulated urethane hull fabric welded with our continuous process technology.

Deck — Urethane coated Polyester.

Air — There’s lots of air — securely trapped inside welded urethane sponsons.

Frame — Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum magnesium alloy, shockcorded together, just like a tent. Bow and stern sections are through bolted to hdpe end plates.

There’s not a lot of framework, but enough to make these sit-on-top kayaks rigid, sleek and ready to perform. These are not rubber-ducky boats!

You’re Going to Get Wet!

Yeah! It’s a water sport, and you’re going to get wet. That’s not such a bad thing! Our sit-on-tops are self-bailing with drain holes in the hull. Water over the top — water out the bottom!

You’re Going to Get Wet!

You’re going to be comfy!
In this high-backed padded seat that offers good support in all directions. And because you sit on the center air tubes, you are not sitting in a puddle of water. The standard seat cover is black. For tropical paddling, you may wish to choose the lighter sand colour seat cover option.

You’re going to go straight!

All Airline models are standard with either a drop skeg, rudder or both!

You’ll be amazed!

At how the paddling performance measures up against the plastic sit-on-top kayaks. And how much lighter the Airline models are.

Pump Included!

A double-action hand-pump makes inflating twice as easy.

Comes in a single bag!

All Airline models come with, and fit into, an over-the-shoulder, single, rugged Cordura bag. When you’re paddling, the shoulder strap doubles as one of the thigh brace straps.


Play to see Gemini unpack, unfold and go!