For our folding skin-on-frame kayaks, there is a five (5) year warranty to the original purchaser on all parts and workmanship. Parts will either be repaired or replaced at the manufacturers discretion. If ever there is a problem, we stand behind our product, and you have our word and our reputation that we’ll make it right. Repairs required for damage due to normal wear and tear, accident, or abuse will be made for a reasonable charge. A five year warranty is not offered for accessory items where Feathercraft is not the manufacturer. We will provide customer service for these items as best we can.

For our inflatable rafts and kayaks, there is a one year warranty to the original purchaser for any manufacturing flaws or defects.

Authorization for return must be received prior to sending any item for warranty inspection. Items will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturers discretion. Shipping costs of warranty repair items are the responsibility of the customer.

Depending on use, care and climate conditions, a single coated nylon accessories does not usually have a five year life expectancy, and these are not covered under the five year warranty.

The fabric used on the sea socks, spray skirts, hatch tunnels & covers is a single coated nylon. With a single coated fabric, water can migrate through from the top side of the fabric and will eventually push the urethane coating off the fabric. So far, there are not after-market products that will coat it like new. The single coated fabric accessories should maintain their coating between three to five years. As of 2011, we introduced double coated nylon for accessories of the Expedition kayaks, and offer this premium fabric as an upgradeable feature on the smaller kayaks.